How I Prepare For Sex

me doing my pre sex prepration


I love sex (duh!). I have a ritual I follow most of the time before sex, especially when I wasn’t in a committed relationship and here it is: My sex routine.


Long Soak

I make sure I always have a bath or a shower before having sex. A bath is my preferred method as it allows me to look at my body and cover myself in all sorts of essential oils and body wash.

I make sure the water is nice and hot so it opens up my pores and if I decide to shave it will be a lot easier on my skin.


Smelly Stuff

No matter what, when I bathe before having sex I make sure to add a bath bomb, some oils and anything I can get my hands on in to my bath.

It makes it more relaxing, it makes you smell incredible and it makes you feel sexy.

I also recommend you take a look at this guide that will teach you how to stay fresh all day.



Watching porn before sex is optional. It probably isn’t recommended but, I really enjoy slipping in the bath and watching some erotic film or porno before sex.

It really turns me on and gets me excited, it’s hard to not touch myself but, it really helps me turn a little wild if I am about to have sex.



Most women shave before sex and it’s an essential part of my sexual¬†routine.

I don’t always shave but, when I do i make sure I do it properly. I like to soak in the bath for a while, opening up my pores and allowing the hairs around my vagina to soften.

Once I’m ready I apply some shaving cream to the area and take a razor and begin to shave the pubic hair.

Once done I sit under the tap and spray the area with freezing cold water for a few seconds. This seals up the pores and prevents red bumps and itchiness.



Me and my boyfriend are huge suckers for lingerie. It makes me feel sexy and it really turns him on.

I like to put on some of my favorite underwear and just get myself ready with them on, nothing makes me feel sexier and ready to go.



Once relaxed and out the bath I like to apply my makeup (if I’m heading out).

Always always always apply a primer before as it helps your makeup to stick and not come off during sex.

Try also not to apply, liquid lipsticks or liquid liner as it will smudge or sweat off and if you’re out and about, that’s not a good look honey.

If you’re feeling a little naughty, you could also check out my bdsm tips and tricks.

As I also love a little BDSM when I put this into getting ready for the sex with my partner ūüėČ

My Top 5 Tips On Spanking

Me being spanked and learning how to be spanked

I used to only dabble in BDSM and kinky things but in my most recent years I have become a huge fan.

One thing i have noticed is that spanking is popular but not a lot of people know how to execute it so, I thought I would help you out and give you my best spanking tips.


Make Sure They Are In To It

Don’t just start spanking someone if you’re not sure, ask them and let them be open about it.

There’s nothing worse than being rejected and ruining the mood.

If they are in to it but have never tried it before tread with caution, don’t go in for the kill straight away, build up to it.


Soften The Area

Foreplay is a huge part of spanking. You can’t just bend someone over and start smacking their ass, you need to tread lightly, especially if they are new to it.

Gently rub the area with your hand before spanking to get the blood flowing, it will stop it hurting as much and it won’t leave a huge red mark.

Apply balm or lotion to the area beforehand if you are worried about markings.

An article that helped me understand BDSM a little better was this one by BuzzFeed

Spank Hard But Lightly At The Same Time

Some people like light spanks, some like them firm, some like them to hurt it’s all down to the persons preference.

Ask them if they like it when you do one thing and if they do proceed, if not change it up.

When spanking you want to start high and smack down firmly on the butt cheek. Don’t let your hand leave without gently rubbing the area.


Incorporate Some Roleplay

Spanking is the perfect time to add some roleplay in to the bedroom. A naughty schoolgirl or a misbehaving girlfriend are great fantasies to play out when trying out spanking or even just fulfilling a fantasy and enjoying spanking.

Try not to break character whilst spanking, think about how your character would react and listen to the other person’s body.


Have A Safe Word

Although spanking isn’t considered the highest form of bdsm, it can really hurt, especially if you are not used to it.

Have a safe word that you can say if you’re not enjoying it and need the spanking to stop.

This is particularly important if you are roleplaying as it doesn’t break characters it just allows you to move on to something else.


Extra tips:

You may learn a thing or two from this look into the world of BDSM. I certainly did.


The best way to position the butt is slightly elevated, it allows the spanker to hit with better precision and overall it feels a lot better.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Horny

making your boyfriend kinky

My lovely kinks, I’m back doing what I love doing best, talking about my sex life.

Now as you may know this blog is anonymous, at least for now. I’ve got a boyfriend and even though sex can be great, for a while I have to admit it became dole (hence why I started my blog). Fast forward a few months and our sex life has became, a little well lets say wild.

We’re having more sex, trying new things and he’s exploring my body in ways I didn’t know he was capable of. Contrary to what you may believe this isn’t an accident, I’ve actually been trying my best to kink things up to make our sex life as slutty as it needs to be.

This is a list of the things I’ve been doing in order to get my boyfriend to match my sex drive. These tips have made him more adventurous, spontaneous and downright thrilling and I’m defonitly not complaining about that.

Communicate what you want

My boyfriend doesn’t get hints about anything, sex, food, presents, you name it. If you have a partner who’s the same it can work wonders to simply plan a naughty talk.

For me that ment, getting in the bubbly, having a nice dinner and asking the down and dirty questions. But for you that may be something completely different. So start communicating and see where it takes you from there.

Start slow and work your way up

If you go to your man, love egg in and all he may get a little put off. Even scared. ūüėČ Instead I decided to slowly add things into the bedroom, first I made his orgasm more powerful.

Then I got the cock ring from the article I did on cock rings and slowly we’ve now upgraded to whips, blindfolds and naughtier sex toys.

He just needed to get desensitized to it before he could enjoy it as much as me.

Be kinky and expose him to your naughty side

Looking back I think my partner had no clue how much of a naughty girl I am, and simply letting him find out for himself just wasn’t working for me.

Instead I had great success by showing him that side of me in all it’s glory. I’m more confident, don’t get frustrated, take control and most importantly I enjoy the effort he’s putting in.

Bit by bit, he’s getting used to my inner slut ūüėČ

Act on the things that turn him on and bring out his naughtiness

Every man has things that turn them on and make them feel horny. I’ve found that simply acting on things like watching porn together and mutual masturbating has really made him go really wild.

So, find some of the things your man craves in the bedroom and start trying them out on him.

Turn the lights off/where blindfolds

I actually got this one from Oli who runs a really¬†sexy blog, don’t tell him I said that.

It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere, by turning them lights low, putting on some music and maybe even adding a blindfold it really allows both of you to let go and show your real sides without feeling judged.

That’s all good sex is, it’s all about feeling close enough and confident with your partner that you can show your true sexual fantasies and pleasures and not feel like they’re going to judge you for them.

Become more seductive with suggestions

I’m not talking about dropping the pencil and bending down to get it every five seconds, even though that can be quite a turn on to some.

But instead try showing a little bra, talking about sex a little more than often, putt your hand near his penis during shows.

I’ve also found that if I initiate foreplay with him, he starts to get turned on and from their he pleasures me just as much as I pleasure him.

Show him how happy it makes me

Not just your normal cosmo tip, this one actually works for me.

You need to show him just how happy it makes you. Every time my man performs well, I tell him exactly how I feel and he can see just how happy and excited I am.

Since doing this alone I’ve seen him become far better in bed. If I’m honest I think this has helped his confidence more than anything. As he’s now doing more naughtier things that he would have never even gone near two months ago.

Let’s just say I’m really not complaining about that “Wink” “wink”.

Be honest about what you feel

I’m one to talk about honest, with the private blog. But it’s always good to be open with your partner about your feels. Guide them exactly how you want to be guided and you’ll see pretty soon after that if you’re sexually compatible.

I was watching this Buzzfeed video, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Okay maybe don’t be to honest about sex.

I’m off to do something special ūüėČ If you catch my drift. Writing like this gets me so turned on, it’s silly.

The Orgasmic List Of Blow Job Tips

Picture of lips that want to give a blow job


It’s your favorite naughty slut who’s here to give you my unique list of oral sex advice that will change not only your abilities with your tongue, but the abilities you have to make your man cum. Hard!

Use The Power Of Surprise 

Routine is B-O-R-I-N-G!! Nothing is better than when my boyfriend comes home from work and I surprise him with an incredible blowjob.

Knowing what you’re going to do that night is tedious and I just can’t stand it. I love to be surprised and so does my boyfriend.


Minty Fresh

My second blowjob tip is one I’ve mentioned before, one of the best ways to spice up a blowjob is to chuck a mint in your mouth a few minutes before.

The cool sensations from the mint does some amazing things to his cock that he will have never felt before.

It’s worth it just to see the pleasure on his face.


Get Kinky

A blowjob is always gratefully received but try and get a little kinkier.

Tie him up, be in control, try some roleplay, anything to just add a little ‘oomph’ the average blowjob.


Hand Play

Using your mouth is obviously how you give a blowjob but, using your hands at the same time will have him cumming within seconds.

Apply pressure with your right hand and give him a hand job whilst giving him a blowjob. It’s not as tricky as it sounds and it’s also a great way to imitate ‘deep throating’ if you’re not in to it.



This blowjob tip is all about the 69. 69’s are not something I do regularly. My boyfriend doesn’t enjoy them too much and i’m just not that in to that but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel great.

The more work you put in the more work he or she puts in. It’s the best feeling in the world when you’re just trying to please each other to the max and seriously steams up and average blowjob.


Ball Play

Some men hate their balls being touched so make sure you know what he likes beforehand.

If he does like his balls being touched, incorporate them in to your blowjob by slowly licking the shaft and making your way lower and vice versa.


Tease, Tease, Tease

I don’t believe there is anything better in this world than being teased or teasing.

Give him the thrill of his life by giving him an amazing blowjob and when you think he is close to climaxing, just slow down and tease him.

Building him up will make him explode sooner or later.



I like nothing better than knowing my boyfriend is enjoying sex as much as me. Hearing a man or woman moan turns me on so much so, make sure when you’re giving him a blowjob you moan and let him know you’re enjoying it.

It makes my boyfriend get rock hard when he hears me moaning with pleasure.

Here is a thread I saw on Reddit that about moaning and why we do it and love it ;).


There’s nothing worse than thinking the person on the end of your genitals isn’t enjoying it or they are bored.

I have had far too many boyfriends do this to me and I just can’t be bothered with it.

Make sure you look like you’re really into it or it’s a just bit of a boner killer… I’ve even seen a whole forum post about girls not being enthusiastic¬†on Menshealth about this. Maybe a little heavy but worth a read.



Your tongue is important when giving  a blowjob. Make sure you use it all over the shaft and head, one to really lube it up and two because it feels great for any man.

Top 5 Foods To Use During Foreplay


I state this at the beginning of each and every article I do. The reason I am anonymous is because my boyfriend has no idea I blog, let alone blog about our sex life.

He isn’t as open sexually as myself and he would never speak to me again if he found out I was doing this behind his back…


Today I opened a pot of nutella and the memories of last week came flodding back to me. Me on my back and my boyfriend licking it off every carefully placed orifice of my body.

This got me thinking about foods I’ve used during sex in the past and I wanted to share that with you.


Nutella (chocolate spread) is my go to food to use during sex and foreplay. I love chocolate, my boyfriend loves chocolate and nutella never gets too sickly.

You only need a small amount to spread everywhere and it tastes fantastic no matter where you put it.

Chocolate spread is my go to foreplay food so if you have some kicking around the cupboards, use it up and try it out!

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream has been a foreplay food for years and years. Some people hate whipped cream and I can really understand why, it can get a little sickly and you can’t lick it up and seductively as you can with any other foreplay food.

That being said, it’s actually really fun to play with. You can use a little or a lot over the nipples, genitals and even make little lines leading to these spots.

Chocolate Syrup

It’s a lot easier to work with than nutella but, it’s also a lot richer.

I would only recommend a small amount of syrup as you don’t want to be in danger of being sick.

If you do use chocolate syrup you’re in for a messy treat but, that just means a seductive hot shower after you’re done!

Ice Cubes

Whilst these may not be ‘food’ per se. They are a huge advantage at making your foreplay routine even better.

Run the cold ice over your partners body and their erogenous zones for some serious tingles.

It feels and amazing and surprisingly a huge turn on for me.


Strawberries not only taste great they also can increase libido and stamina.

Dip them in a little cream that you have placed over your partners body or just feed them to one another.

I like to dip the strawberries in whatever sauce I’ve brought in to the bedroom but, it’s all up to you and your personal preferences.

Top Tips

  • Try and avoid anything too sticky, it will quickly get annoying.
  • Make sure you or your partner isn’t allergic to anything.
  • Apply in small doses so you don’t make yourself sick.
  • Anything runny and sweet works!

How To Buy A Sex Toy Without Being Awkward

Stop akward sex toy shopping

I write this blog behind my boyfriends back. He isn’t as open sexually as I am and he definitely wouldn’t understand if I came clean so, hidden it stays.

Recently I was buying a few new sex toys. I love sex toys and have well over the average person owns so, the awkwardness of buying sex toys has just gone for me…

That’s when I thought to myself that it’s just not that easy for some people so I decided to help you out and stop making sex toy buying so darn awkward.



Why do people get so awkward buying sex toys? they aren’t dirty, they aren’t a ‘sin’? so why is it?

Truthfully, I don’t really know…I guess it’s just because people hate the thought of other people knowing they are pleasuring themselves (I love this thought so, I guess it doesn’t apply to me!).

I know friends who would rather continue using the same shit toy before even thinking about getting a new one delivered or walking in to a sex shop to purchase the newest and latest.


Why You Shouldn’t Care

Everyone on this planet masturbates. Everyone. Yep, even him.

People who work in sex shops have seen it all before, they are trained to know everything there is to know about sex toys, really they are quite desensitized to the whole thing.

If I see people in a sex shop, I couldn’t care less and neither could anyone else.

The thing is masturbating and sex are the most natural things we can do as human beings. How do you think your mum got pregnant?

It’s even easier if you’re buying online because sex toys 99% of the time come in discreet packaging so not even the mailman knows what’s hiding inside your new package.


How To Make It Less Awkward

Always check for discreet shipping. Virtually every single sex shop online will state if their packaging is discreet so, before you buy just make sure.

If you are heading to a sex shop to buy a sex toy, don’t panic. As I said before the people who work in these shops are specialists. They just want to help you and if you don’t want any help just politely decline.

They won’t judge you, they just want you to buy the right product.


If you’re really bothered…

If you’re still fretting about buying a sex toy in your local sex shop, go out of town.

Go where nobody knows you and there’s no risk of running in to anyone on the way home.

Your safest bet is to buy it online as it will just be dropped on your doorstep.

If you don’t live alone just make sure you know when the parcel is being delivered so you are there to answer the door.

If you’re still not satisfied contact me :)

Why You Should Try A Vibrating Cock Ring

Are vibrating cock rings worth the money?

OMG first let me tell you I’ve had a massively busy day, been running up walls, doing summer salts and jumping everywhere… Well at least it feels that way. But even though I’m a little sleepy I couldn’t resist jumping on here to write a little naughty article about my experiences this week with a special toy me and my boyfriend have been trying.

The little toy that I’m talking about happens to be a cock ring, not just any old one, this one has a vibrator inside. And let me tell you I’m astonished with the power of it. But I’ll get onto that in a second.

What is a cock ring?

Basically it’s a little circle that can either be metal, leather or my favorite silicone that pops on the penis.

It has a few benefits that to my knowledge are:

  1. Long lasting erections
  2. Harder erections
  3. More of an orgasmic build up for my boyfriend

Then you add a vibrator and BAMB, holy-crap! You’re met by an autobody alien that sucks you into his orgasmic vortex, with¬†a rainbow trailing in it.

Yes it’s that good. I’m not sure if I was just in the perfect mood, or he was in the right position, but this weekend, with this cock ring has been unbelievably orgasmic.

What did it feel like?

As you know I’m a little dirty when it comes to sex and I’ve experienced more than a few sex toys. But there’s just something about this particular one that this week I’ve grown a general respect for this kind of sex toy.

So! What did it feel like? It was like normal sex, his penis was harder and it was a little veiny, something of a turn on to me. The real game changed was the way the vibrator hit my clitorise while we were having sex.

It made each thrust feel deeper and it made me be able to orgasm during penetration lot quicker than a could before.

I’m also not a lazy lover, but by golly I didn’t have a choice, I just wanted to grind up against it while my partner thrusted his penis inside me. As crude as it sounds it’s just the truth.

What benefits I found this weekend

  1. The sex lasted long but had no boring bits.
  2. Penetrational orgasms, something that usually takes me being in a really naughty mood’s not as easy as pressing a button and going.
  3. More pleasure for me and my boyfriend, we boy enjoy it and he loves how it makes me feel.
  4. It made his erection harder, which has it’s obvious benefits.

What do men think about it? Is it comfortable?

My boyfriend (from what I’ve seen) LOVES it. This weekend we’ve used it more times than you could imagine ;). The¬†one we use is one of the best¬†vibrating cock rings and I’ve seen others raving about it too.

So, from what I can find in my experience with my boyfriend and other sex bloggers, these are the go to sex toys for pleasure right now (especially for us women)

Interesting ways to use/wear a condom

I’ve been doing my research on these toys and I’ve found and interesting video that’ll let you know even more about these amazing toys.
Things you should know

I’ve been testing away with cock rings that past few days, hence why I’ve been so busy and I’ve found a things you should know.

Mainly you shouldn’t use for more than thirty minutes at a time, as ater that it may cause a little discomfort to your or your partner’s penis. You should also limit these to a few times a month, as they’re addictive. Trust me. I also find that if you have a ring like mine you can detach the vibrator and use it solo or if you’re kinky like me on the balls during a blow job.

I’ve also found that this works better in machinery and while I’m on top of my boyfriend, but if you turn it around it can be quite enjoyable in doggy style, it can sometimes fall out of place. Especially if you get over excited like me.

One extra bit of help for you

Take on the challenge and do what I did this weekend, make sometime with your partner and explore the orgasmic possibilities of this gorgeous little sex toy.

I found what positions work before for me and my partner and we’ve tried experimenting with it during blowjobs, foreplay and other magical ways. So if you grab one of these for yourself, be sure to become an explorer and find out how to make it work best for you.

I’m going to head off now as it’s been a long day of work and play. I’ll be back on to do another article soon, something extra naughty for you all. Remember to stay kinky and to keep experimenting with your naughty little fantasies.

10 Amazing Sex Tricks That Change My Life

Amazing sex tips that made my life much better

I hope you’re all well aware I write this blog behind my boyfriends back. I love talking about my sex life publicly, whereas he does not. *boo hoo*

Sex can be boring so, I like to vent my frustrations and sexual urges on this private little blog of mine.

When in bed the other night I was thinking about things I do that really turn me the heck on, which inspired me to make this post. My sex tricks that change my sex life, every single ride.

My first sexy little sex trick for you is…



I use breath mints to give oral sex! It’s super horny and my boyfriend loves it. It’s really easy to do, you just pop it in and perform a normal blowjob. The mint does all kinds of crazy things to his cock and I love watching him.


Remote Control

I love using remote control sex toys. They are so handy for when my boyfriend just isn’t performing and when I have some alone time.

I slip my favorite one in and imagine all sorts of crazy scenarios!

You can see how uncontrollably amazing they are in this video.

My Thumb Trick

I have this trick that I learnt way back in high school. All you need is wrap your thumb under your other fingers and squeeze hard. This stops your gag reflex from working!

It allows you to give super deep blowjobs without gagging. Slut status verified.



Before I say anything I found a massage guide cheat sheet that I used to make my massage really hot.

Massaging just isn’t the same in our house. We don’t just simply give the other a quick rub down, oh no it turns erotic.

Using massage oil we strip each other naked and turn the sensual massage in to something straight out of a porno.


Light BDSM

Blindfolds and handcuffs are a must in my bedroom. I love being tied up and unable to move.

It changes sex, it makes it way more exciting and makes me or my boyfriend utterly powerless.

I did a guide on my BDSM sex tricks you need to see.



Lube is a natural must have but, flavored lube is an essential. I literally carry flavored lube around with me everywhere. You never know when you might need it.

It also freshens things up if it isn’t tasting too good down there.


Butt Plug

TMI but I LOVE anal play, it’s so fun and i’m also starting to introduce my boyfriend in to it.

It’s super horny and so much fun when you get in to it. I now love using a butt plug so, if you have ever just thought about the idea, seriously invest in one, it changes everything.


Sex Challenges

I am so competitive and so is my boyfriend. We love to do sex challenges when we are bored.

They are so easy, you just need to challenge each other at being better at something else.

For example ‘I give better head than you’. It’s so fun and can turn in to some serious sex.


Showering together

Showering together is something we have always done as couple. Whether it be before or after sex. It saves water after all!

It can also turn in to sex as you often just can’t resist each other.


Photo Shoot

Me and my boyfriend often get snaps of each other nude but, it’s even more fun when you set up the lights, the sheets and feel good about it.

Keep the camera obviously where no one is going to find it but, it’s so erotic and you find yourself wanting to seriously impress.

photoshoot time

The Five BDSM Tips & Tricks I Love


I write this blog behind my boyfriend’s back ( you may know this if you follow my blog). He isn’t open about talking about our sex life but, I am so I created this blog to open up and talk about my life.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that BDSM rocks. It is the best thing to have ever made its way in to my bedroom so I thought I would share with you some bdsm tips and tricks.


Involve restraints and other toys

I would always say to use restraints when first dabbling in the world of bdsm. They are so sexy and turn me on so much.

The feeling of not being able to get away and having my pleasure controlled by my boyfriend is something magical.

Being restrained to the bed with a huge vibrator pleasuring me, is definitely the stuff of dreams.

This is obviously just the beginning when it comes to bdsm. There is a whole lot more to be explored, but to begin or just explore I would for sure say to purchase some sex toys and restraints.

If you feel awkward buying naughty sex toys, don’t I have an article here that will teach you how.

Dom and Sub

I am the submissive in our relationship. I love to be taken control of. Sometimes we do swap roles as my boyfriend likes me to take control every once in awhile.

That’s really important when it comes to bdsm. You both can’t be in control or submissive, you need to pick one or the other.

You can swap whenever you like but it’s more fun to play a role.


Dark Room

When it comes to bdsm, being in a dark room has to be the most erotic thing you can do.

Being restrained to a bed, in complete silence and not knowing what’s going to happen in complete darkness turns me on just thinking about it.

You can gradually turn on the lights but, my biggest turn on and biggest trick is to be in complete darkness, it’s also really liberating. Especially if you aren’t comfortable with your body.


Don’t Rush

One of my biggest bdsm tips is to not rush. It’s not normal foreplay. You can’t just slap your partners ass and expect sex, it’s all about the build up.

Teasing your partner and not allowing them to cum or move is really erotic and will keep you both entertained for hours.

It also makes the cumming a lot more pleasurable as there is so much build up.


Let go

The worst thing you can do is not be fully committed. If you’re worried about what your belly looks like or how your moans sound, you’re not letting go.

Letting go creates a whole new atmosphere and allows you to really enjoy all of the new pleasures and sensations from bdsm.

Who Am I?

Who am I

Hey I’m well let’s call me, bad girlfriend. I’m hiding my name because I want to remain anonymous and I would respect anyone who knows me to please keep my identity hidden.

I created this website as a way to talk the kinky side to my sex life. You see I’ve always loved sex, I’m talking dirty sex that involves threesomes, one night stands, anal.¬†You name it, I’ve done it. But recently I’ve been with the most amazing partner he’s everything, but he feels threatened by my sexual being.

This has caused me to cheat and do other things I’m not proud of behind his back (still to this day he doesn’t know). I wanted this to be a place I could vent my sex life, talk about how I’m making my sex better and share my sexual experience with like minded people who hopefully have an eye for the kinkier things in life ;).

So, whenever I can I’m going to make entries that talk about my life, advice and experience. Hopefully meet some like minded people, maybe make my sex life better and hopefully I’ll help some of you.

Some things about me

I love anything that involves chains, restraints and wipes.

Big fan of swinging and used to be involved with cuckolding, most exhilarating time of my life.

I don’t have a type, but I do like someone who can handle me if you know what I mean.

Watching Netflix and Chill is fun, but I prefer sex parties and naked dancing.

I’m not a fan of the cold, but who is?

I’m not a write, nor have I written a blog before and I just hope I can connect with more people like me.

I eat loads and loads, and, well loads of food. But I go to the gym lots and lots.

I can’t think about much else but be sure to send me a message if you want to know anything. I’m a little nervous to release this but here goes nothing.